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The Most Common Questions

Some of our estimates include hair. We also have hair ready for purchase in our salon if needed. The amount shown is the starting price for every style.
Braid hairstyles are best on a clean head of hair. We can shampoo and blow dry your hair for an added fee of $10 or you can wash your hair prior to your appointment. If you choose to do so, be certain we can efficiently pass a comb through you hair.
We recommend booking your hair appointment in advance.

In consideration of other guests, we ask that minors be accompanied to by an adult (who are not getting services) at all times. We desire all of our clients to have a serene, relaxing experience.

Prices shown are starting prices. Prices depend on the length and/or size of the hairstyle you prefer. There may also be an extra charge for very short hair.

If your appointment is shorter than 24 hours away please call us at 281.967.6580.

It’s possible, however, if you only prefer 1 braider working on your hair, just let us know.

We accept cash, debit cards, and credit cards.

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